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WeCloud is a private cloud service which is re-developed on OwnCloud/NextCloud.

Registration link (launch page):

Login page:


It has the following features:

Rapid CN2-Linked Servers

Upload your photos after shot (need to be enabled manually)

Cross-platform supported

GFW-blocked service integrated (such as Google, Youtube and Wikipedia), users could visit these sites without using a VPN

Direct link to third-party cloud services without requiring a VPN

Mail service (such as Gmail) integrated without requiring a VPN


The reason why I wanted to develop this website/service is that I found many cloud service providers in China would help the government to censor users' files, and moreover, they would delete the files without informing the users. Besides, the download/upload speed is not stable in some areas. Google drive has many advantages. However, its service cannot be accessed in China.


Therefore, I redeveloped the open-sourced OwnCloud / NextCloud, and integrated many blocked services such as Google, Gmail, Wikipedia and Youtube to WeCloud. By doing this, I hope I can help my friends in China save and share their files with full privacy, and help them to use the most excellent search engine/mail service without using a VPN.


If you have any difficulty when using WeCloud, please do not hesitate to leave a message below, and I will try to help you within 24 hours.


Some screenshots here:



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